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1 pack Nasal Spray

1 pack Tanning Nasal Spray Contains 1 bottle with 10 ml pre-mixed tanning nasal spray. Suitable for medium brown skin or as a maintence dose.

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2 pack Nasal Spray

2 pack Tanning Nasal Spray Contains 2 bottles with 10 ml pre-mixed tanning nasal spray. Suitable for light brown skin or as a maintenance dose.

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3 pack Nasal Spray

3 pack Tanning Nasal Spray Contains 3 bottles with 10 ml pre-mixed tanning nasal spray. Suitable for pale, fair skin.

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1 Pack Starter kit + Nasal spray

1 pack Bundle Kit Contains 1 pack Tanning Nasal Spray and 1 pack Tanning Injections. Suitable for couples or people who want to test both methods

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2 pack Starter kit + Nasal spray

2 pack Bundle Kit Contains 2 pack Tanning Nasal Spray and 2 pack Tanning Injections. Suitable for couples or people who want to test both methods.

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Most people want to look for that perfect golden tan before you go out on holidays. However, choosing the best way to achieve that can be quite tricky. Exposing your body excessively to the sun can cause harmful effects especially if you have a very fair complexion. It can lead to problems including unnecessary burning and other health-related issues.

A MT2 Nasal Spray Tan will definitely be of great help if you wish to increase your body’s melanin production, giving you an even looking, deep, and natural tan. Even though your skin does need sunlight, you wouldn’t need to stay outdoors in the sun for long periods. Using Nasal Spray Tan will reduce skin damage that can be caused by UV radiation. Apart from providing safe, effective tanning benefits, MT2 present in the Nasal Spray Tan improves the libido levels while slightly reducing your appetite.

If you’re of a fair complexion or you don’t usually develop tan easily in the sun, a Nasal Spray Tan would be an excellent way to achieve a rich golden tan even without too much exposure in the sun.

Use Nasal Spray Tan and get that perfect tan for holidays

If you think about getting a tan, you’d probably think of taking a tanning bed session, using a fake tanning lotion or if it is sunny outdoors, just spending time outdoors sunbathing. However, there is one more safe, effective way of getting ready for that summer tan and that would be to get a Nasal Spray Tan.

On the face of it, nasal sprays do sound a little too good to be true. Instead of spending time outdoors in a tanning bed, you can just snort a nasal spray and your skin will get the tan that you’ve always wanted. It is understandable if you aren’t convinced yet. By the end of this article, you’d definitely be.

Nasal Spray Tan has proven that it works. Its effects might not be as quick as tanning beds or tanning injections but it can work despite how strange it might sound. Nasal Sprays do take almost 3-4 weeks to work and they also require daily application during that time for better results. Once you’ve obtained the tan that you’ve wanted, you can reduce the frequency of applications to 1-2 times per week to maintain it. If you do decide to go for Nasal Spray Tan, make sure that you’re prepared for the upkeep that’ll be required to ensure that you get the golden tan that you want.

Nasal Sprays are taken in the same way that allergy sprays are taken. These sprays contain MT, a cosmetic peptide that helps tan your skin.

MT will stimulate a natural increase in melanin production but what makes this product different from other alternatives is that it contains MT2.

MT comes in two forms – MT1 is considered more effective as it provides quicker results while MT2, which is used in Nasal Sprays is a bit slower. However, many people do feel that MT2 does result in a more natural-looking tan.

One of the primary criticisms of Nasal Sprays is that they have a poor absorption rate. That is because your nasal passage would only be able to absorb around 35-40% of the MT2 at most, and you need to consider this.

Nasal Sprays also have a mixed success rate but success none the less. Most reporters have reported that they got their dream tans within a few weeks while a few of them have only observed small differences after repeated applications.

Most brands do recommend getting as much exposure outdoors as possible during the application process to fully promote the tan. This may sound like great advice but when you consider that most people who are looking to use Nasal Sprays have fair skin, this can put them at greater risk.

A major concern over Nasal Sprays is that there is not a lot of information about MT2 and it can potentially have a few side effects. In fact, a few years back The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency had to shut down more than 70 websites that sold Nasal Sprays in the UK because of concerns over their safety.

The law is more complex when it comes to MT. Under the current UK laws, it is illegal for anyone to sell both MT1 and MT2. However, it isn’t illegal for people to buy it. A quick search on the internet will get you a number of vendors that sell both Nasal Sprays and Tan Injections.

Despite not being made officially available in many countries, obtaining Nasal Sprays is still simple, straightforward, and not actually illegal. This is why so many people who’re looking to get a natural-looking tan without having to spend a lot of time outdoors or on tanning beds are using Nasal Sprays.

Nasal Sprays are still largely untested and unlicensed as not a lot know about the risks and safety of using MT2. However, there are potential side effects that users can face sometimes. For starters, it does suppress the appetite so people are looking to use the spray to not just enjoy the tan but also for losing weight. Additionally, research has found out that it can cause facial flushing, or spontaneous erections a few hours after its application. There is a bit of concern that MT2 can actually increase the risk of skin cancer, even though at present there isn’t any hard evidence to support that hypothesis.

The biggest risk with Nasal Sprays is that currently, there isn’t any concrete information that can tell you about the potential side effects that make it potentially harmful. While these have proven to help people get a more natural-looking tan, it can be argued that there are safer alternatives that people can use.